[Top 5] Mistake new Twitch streamers make!

Have you just started streaming on Twitch and confused about your Twitch streamers Techniques?

If yes then you will be definitely looking forward to improving it and if you need to improve something in the first place you may also need to realize that you are not doing it the right way.

We sometimes commit mistakes and are not that aware of them and yes you must first know them to correct them.

And also to the new streamers, this article will be helpful as they will update with some mistakes that they should not commit while they are streaming on Twitch.

So all the streamers who have recently joined twitch as well as the one you are planning to join it soon, this article will help you bring to your notice all the not-to-do things on Twitch.

5 mistakes that most of the new streamers commit.

  • Getting disappointed as you expect success soon.

This is something that will disappoint you and hence you won’t be able to give your best to the channel. As once you start expecting success that is your followers you may direct your attention somewhere else and won’t concentrate on the channel much. At the start it won’t be all fun as you will face many problems and have difficulty in doing many things, so keep your perspective clear and at the start don’t concentrate on the success but on making it worth for the viewers.

  • Obsessed with your view count.

Don’t keep your eye on the number of views, as it may also discourage you and

De-motivate you and not stop you from doing things that will bring success to you.

Looking at those who are leaving your stream, you won’t be able to concentrate on those who are there with you. So stop being a hawk and start dedicating your time to those who are there with you.

  • Trying to imitate others and losing owns identity.

You may hold back some part of your personality trying to imitate others and acting like them. This will make you look unnatural and won’t let your true self out. So yes don’t worry maybe at the start you may do so, but try being natural and just be yourself and this will make you comfortable in your work.

  • Not getting out of your box to create a Network.

Creating a network is the most important thing to grow on Twitch. Don’t keep yourself close into bars, get out, and make friends with the existing streamers. Make good contact and this will make you credible in the eyes of all.

  • Not maintaining a schedule.

One should also be consistent in their work and to do so you must create a schedule for all that you want to achieve. Creating a schedule will make you systematic in your work and at the same time you will show up yourself as a professional streamer.

  • Not being Organised and regular at work.

You all know that success comes to those who are regular and serious with their work. So be all organized in your mind about what you want to do and how you want to achieve it.

Be clear in your work and don’t confuse yourself with multiple ideas. Regularity should also be there on your channel. As your viewers expect you to be regular so that they can be loyal to your channel and keep viewing them. So surprise them with good content every day and see the change.

These are all that the new twitch streamers should keep in mind. As at the start of the journey it’s not easy to be perfect, all we need to do is to give yourself time and find the perfection in your imperfection and learn from your past mistakes.

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What is Twitter? Are you missing out on something?

Starting off, Twitter is basically a microblogging website. Here you can spread your views in a few words. Usually blogging consists of people setting up websites to share their views but here you already have a website and you just need your words and you just get few words to share your views or feeling.

Posting messages is often referred to as “Tweeting” and these messages are called “tweets”. These tweets can be anything, any news, your feelings, or anything relevant to anyone in this universe.

It all started in 2006 when Jack Dorsey came up with the idea “ to create an SMS-based communications platform in which friends could keep tabs on each other by updating statuses”.

Initially, it started as an SMS platform where 140 words were the limit due to mobile carriers.

However, later on, Twitter grew to become a web platform and they kept the word limit because it was aligned with the brand’s identity.

It’s pretty easy to use Twitter whether you are a broadcaster or receiver. You join with a free account and you get a username. Then you can just type in the text box and just tweet hourly, daily, or whenever you like. People who follow you and who don’t will see your tweet in their news feed.

Initially the word limit was just 140 words but recently it got increased to 280 words per tweet.

If you are a subscriber then you just have to follow someone to keep your feed updated with their tweets and you can reply to that tweet, like, or retweet that tweet.

We got that how to use it why people tweet why don’t they use Facebook or smoother website.

The reason is because of its microblog format. It’s a chance to shout out to the world and revel in how many people read their tweets.

With a growing number of Twitter users sending out meaningful tweets is creating real value for Twitter. It’s a quick stream of updates from the world. It encourages people to step up and share meaningfully with the world to be a journalist in their own world which is not possible with some other platform.

Basically, Twitter is a way to maintain a low-maintenance social connection with others and influence other people in a small or big way.

As with everything, Twitter also got its drawbacks and one of the major drawbacks is its word limit only.

There’s a danger in using Twitter as your primary source of news, the limited character count, enables Twitter users to spread one-sided information without having the space to offer the full-story.

Since this platform is blooming every day it’s important to keep an eye on what you see and identify what’s real and what’s fake because if not then Twitter can be the worst thing we have ever seen in history.

Twitter is growing exponentially and with major celebrities coming on this platform are encouraging their real-world followers to keep up with their idols and that way it’s creating a lot of user base for Twitter but as we said you have to keep an eye on everything because everyone doesn’t come to social media websites with nice intentions whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or its Twitter.

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What Happens to Your Social Media after your Death

Really no one ever dies in the 21st century because even if your physical body leaves the world, a digital body is left behind. So, when you die it doesn’t mean your social media accounts die with you.

According to reports in 2016, around 8000 Facebook users die daily, the equivalent of 428 every hour. With 312,500 now reportedly passing away each month. If Facebook stops growing then more users will be dead than alive by 2065.

So, if they don’t vanish with you then what happens to your social media accounts after your death?

Let’s find out What happens to your social accounts.

 So, Facebook doesn’t wipe out your account even after a long time after your death. Instead of wiping out, it makes it a memorial account, anyone could report a user as dead – which would permanently lock the account and keep it from posting updates or appearing in birthday notifications.   

In 2015, Facebook introduced “Legacy Contacts” who, in the event that a person died, could sign on to the account and the legacy contact is chosen by the user itself from their friend list. The legacy contacts cant read the deceased messages but can change their profile photo and archive posts and photos.

There is an option to delete

However, users can choose to delete their account permanently after their death by choosing the option from the settings. Also, the family or friends of the deceased can request to delete the profile by uploading the death certificate.

Instagram also handles the issue with the same policy as Facebook where they memorialize the account after their friends or family reports it and for verification, they ask for proof of death such as any news article or death certificate. Moreover, the account can be deleted also if asked by family, and proof of death is provided.

Posts of the deceased user will stay shared on the site and are visible to the people they were shared with, but memorialized accounts do not appear in public spaces like searches.

Also, Twitter gives you different options!

Twitter gives only one option where you can delete the deceased account deleted but you can’t ask for the credentials or access to the deceased’s account.

To deactivate a Twitter account after the death, Twitter requires an immediate family member to present a copy of their ID and a death certificate of the deceased.

Pinterest has no advanced options yet!

For Pinterest, you can request the deactivation of the deceased if you belong to his family. However, it’s still not clear whether they will provide the credentials or access to the account to even family members.

Coming to emails, Gmail users can set up an “Inactive Account Manager” who will share or delete an account after a period of inactivity. If not selected, Gmail deletes the account on request from any family member. They even provide details from their account if it’s important and also if it’s requested by an immediate family member.

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How to create a Facebook Page in 2021?

1. Sign Up

Go to and snap-on produce a Page in the corner. You’ll be welcomed with numerous business decisions just as local business or place or item, and cause or network. pick the kind of business you’re making the Facebook Page for. In the event that your business sort falls into very one among the class decisions, select the one your client’s region unit probably to consider after they concede your business.

When you click on a business type, a container will open requesting a couple of further details, similar to the name of your business, your location, and your Page class. Classes are fundamentally sub-types inside the bigger business classification you’ve just picked. When you begin composing in the classification field, you’ll see a rundown of potential class alternatives to look over.

When you’re ready, click Get Started. Note that doing so indicates your acceptance of Facebook’s terms and conditions for Business Pages, so you might want to check those out before you proceed.

2. Add Pictures

Next, you’ll add a profile and cover picture for your Facebook Page. It’s vital to make a decent visual early introduction, so pick admirably here. Ensure the photographs you pick the line up with your brand and are effectively recognizable with your business.

In case you’re a major brand, making use of your logo is most likely a protected approach. In case you’re a superstar or open figure, an image of your face will bring about the ideal result. Also, in case you’re a nearby business, perhaps a well-shot picture of your mark offering is the thing that will enable a potential supporter or client to make the association right away.

Your profile picture will show up as a square on your Facebook Page, yet will be edited to a hover in promotions and posts, so don’t put any decorations in the corners. When you’ve picked an incredible one, tick Upload, and this part is done.

Now it’s time for the cover photo, which is the most prominent image on your page. This picture should capture the essence of your brand and convey your ideology.

3. Start Exploring your Page

So, now your page is alive and it’s just a newborn baby. Now, it’s time to understand some of the key features and just try to explore more how pages work. The next step is to take a step further.

4. Give your Page a Description

This is your chance to inform individuals concerning your business. It ought to be only two or three sentences, so there’s no compelling reason to get excessively detailed here. Add a Short Description, at that point simply share what your clients need to know as obviously and compactly as could be expected under the circumstances. You can include a more drawn out depiction later.

5. Complete About Section

You must be tired till now but filling in details about your business is one of the most important steps because if a customer comes to your page he/she will be willing to know some basic details about the business so they get to know more about the business.

Try to add details like your business address, working hours, and a contact number that will help people to get easily connect with you if they want to contact you.

6. Share your first Post

Wait, the first post then invite people to let them see how interesting your business is. Share some valuable posts such as a fact, joke, or something related to your business.

7. Now it’s time to spread up your wings

Everything is done the next step is reaching out to people and interacting with people. This increases their trust in your brand and this will also attract more people converting these likes into revenue.

If you want to reach out to mass then try to advertise, this will help you to get more people and spread the word on a larger scale.

So, just one last tip from us is “Just keep updating your page and don’t forget interaction is one of the main keys”.

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Different Types of Social Media Users

Social Media is full of weird people. From a common man to the country’s top citizen everyone is now on social media but can we categorize them.

Let’s see what all types of people you can find on the Internet

  1. The Early Adopter

These are the people who were already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram password hack, and even on Orkut when the whole world never cared about whether these websites exist or not. These type of people call their friends and force them to join new social media websites and when everyone comes aboard they leave it because they got bored with it.

If you want to find anyone of the human beings belonging to this species then we recommend you check out the internet news every day and register on a new social media website as you see it.

  1. The Family Person

A person from this category targets their family member because they want to be in touch with everyone in their family. They make groups with some weird family type name and adds the whole family without even asking them and next you know a good morning message every day which is kind of a ritual in these groups of an Instagram hacker.

social media

  1. The Listener

Ever wondered why you are not getting likes on your post even having a ton of big friends list. Just keep wondering because your friend list got some listeners who prefer to say silent and keep very less footprint on social media. They might enjoy your post but they won’t react because they like to live under the radar.

  1. The Activist

These are the breed of people who show off’s every time they meet their friends and never stop ranting and when these people are on social media it’s hell because they post a lot and make your feed feel like a dustbin and the worst part is you can’t even block them or unfriend them because then, you know what will be happening.

  1. The Spammer

Ever felt that your feed is trash then you might be having a “Spammer” friend who never stops posting from morning to night sometimes even in the middle of the night they want to tell the whole world what they are doing and you know what’s worse they put the same stuff everywhere from Instagram to Facebook.

  1. The Influencer

Influencers are the most sought people on social media. People treat them like their idols. They want to do whatever they that’s how these people live. They partner with brands to influence people to buy their products as they are using them but you know the reality is they would have never ever heard of that brand. Influencers have thousands and millions of followers and that’s the factor that decide their value.

  1. Trolls

Trolls are unemployed people who got no work in real life and that’s the reason they come on the internet to pass their time. These people always manage to cross the line no matter how sensitive the matter is. They call it fun and they deserve a hit on the “block” button.

So, let us know in the comments which kind of social media being you are and how many of them you have encountered till now


Marketing tips to grow your brand on Instagram

It’s not anymore a trade secret that your brand’s presence on Instagram is as important as it’s presence on other social media platforms. It’s a social media platform with over 500 million users which provides a great marketing platform to reach customers from any corner of world.

In order for a successful marketing campaign, you need to increase your following on a steady and consistent basis. After all, the more people will result in more engagement which will improve your sales or will ultimately help your brand achieve its target efficiently.

  1. Utilise free Instagram tools to it’s full potential

Instagram just after its acquisition started following Facebook’s path of differentiating personal profiles and business one’s. The business profiles come with few more additions such as call to action, which enables users to call, email or text the business directly from their Instagram page. Along with call to action, Instagram also introduced a analytics tab for these profiles calling it “Insights”, giving these business a chance to improve by having a look at their impressions and engagement data.

So, if you are a growing business then you might want to turn your profile to a business profile and to take advantage of these features.

The more you understand your how your audience interacts with you the better you can serve them.

2.Cross promote your profile

Are you popular enough on twitter but Instagram is not quite your place right now then you might want to try to turn your twitter followers to your Instagram followers. Then why don’t you invite them to like your page on Instagram. Promote your posts on your social media account and try them to attract to your Instagram profile as they are already interested in your offerings it will be easy for you to attract them even to a new network without much efforts.

But why it’s important to be connected with your customers everywhere ? Answer is simple, because everyone is not active everywhere every time so you might don’t want to lost some profits because you were not passionate enough.

3. Don’t overwhelm your audience

You want to post enough that your brand stays relevant, but posting a lot isn’t going to solve your any of the problems. Because posting so frequently is going to irritate your audience and if your audience is only getting irritated then what’s the whole point of posting.

Post twice a daily and something new and creative then later you can try to reduce it to one post daily and when you have crossed the threshold be being a small brand then you should just post once in two days which will be relevant. Even you can start to experiment with some new patterns and can analyse which one is working better.

4. Interact with your followers

Taking out two seconds to reply to a comment is not going to harm you but is gonna make your followers happy and a happy follower base will benefit your brand only. This simple thing can create a loyal customer as well turn them into your promoter also.

Also, try out some nice tricks where people will interact with your posts because you know it’s gonna help your brand only.

5. Use creativity

Being creative with your posts is best way to connect with your audience. It’s much more effective then posts which looks like direct advertisements. Try to connect with your audience with some funny relevant posts that will make them feel a sense of connection and sometimes it creates a sense of trust also.

So, these were few tips that would help your grow your brand efficiently but in the end it’s you who have to do all the work and we can just wish you luck that you should succeed in what you have planned for your business.